EU pork exports rising--China and South Korea to buy amhr

EU pork exports: the export valve is open, but small

The EU pork production has evolved over the years on a production capacity and is aligned on an rd 10% Drittlandsexportiert. About 40% of the export quantities have disappeared after the import ban of Russia.

However, has the meat export industry strives for strong sales increases in other markets. About 85% of failed export quantities are been compensated according to current. The remainder is in the domestic market with falling prices.

According to current are in the first 8 months 2015 another 5.4% more pork in third countries have been housed. The export amount amounts from Jan until Aug. 15 to 1.94 million tons. The largest share accounted for by Germany with 25% of total EU exports. German exporters were able to increase their exports to 18% in this first part of the year.

However, Denmark could not quite say its export share of 18%. This applies also to the Netherlands and France with significantly lower export shares by 8% and 7% respectively.

Spain has increased under the pressure of high amounts of offering its pork exports by 29%and its trade sharemay increase to almost 15%. That has had but also its price. The Spanish pig prices are after the holidays end sustainably under pressure.

On the import side, China stands out with a share of EU imports of 33% . Extrapolating to Hong Kong, about 42% of EU exports by the Chinese will be bought. While for China o. to determine an increase in Hong Kong in the first 8 months by 2015 by 47% , a decline must be accepted for Hong Kong by 36%. On balance, still an increase of approximately 16% and 110,000 t pork remains.

During South Korea around 27% more pork from the EU introduces, return the Japanese imports by 20% . In particular the Danish exports suffer.

The high proportion of smaller import Statesentering the sum on a trading in approximately 30% is typical for the EU-third country sale of pork.

The export amounts to barely rise for the last part of the year 2015 . For 2016, the USDA estimates but significantly increases, the Commission is, however, less optimistic.

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