EU pork market 2015: 7 Mio produces more pigs and 7.3 million fewer pigs to Russia

How come the many pigs in the EU?  7 million more hogs take on 7.3 million shares of failed Russia exports!

For 2015, the Commission estimates about 257 million pig slaughter. Compared to the previous year, the increase is approximately 2.7%. In the two previous years were the increases to 0.23% or  1.5% in the year 2014.  Declines in pork production in the EU were predominantly observed in previous years.

In previous years, average revenues of more than 1.65 / kg were reached.  The background was the rising imports of Russia's and China's, from which the EU has profited.  The favourable prospects in the third country business has stimulates the production in the internal market at the time.

Then one has been remotely possible, that Russia Crimea annexed and occupied parts of the Ukraine holds. The economic sanctions on the agricultural sector to expand, not was also at the forefront of political action. With a stroke 0.75 million tonnes, or approximately 40% lack of EU exports pork.

Fail the different production increases in the individual Member States. Bulgaria with a growth rate of 18% but a small scale is the Slovakia with minus 22% and also a small scale compared to. The 5 major areas are crucial.  At the forefront is Spain with a growth rate of 6.4% or plus 2.71 million  Pigs. The Netherlands increase their slaughter by 5.7% or 1, 37 million Denmark increased by 3.6% and 1.06 million respectively  Animals. Poland achieved an increase of 5.5% and 0.84 million more pigs. Germany extends its production to 1.6 or  to 0,735 million slaughter out.

The simultaneous meeting increased pig production to approximately 7 million slaughter with the Russian export failure according to 7.3 million pigs in the EU has led despite massive efforts to compensate for the failures of export to send pork prices for a long time in a tailspin. BVerfG, weak domestic demand will affect sales.

The adaptation of production to the changing demand situation takes usually several years. The preliminary estimates for the year 2016 run for stagnation to slight decline both in production as at the consumption. The current consumer sentiment is far from ideal for a fundamental improvement of the sales situation as a result of the discussions to cancer hazards, antibiotics and animal husbandry.

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