EU pork market in the predicament

-Saturated market, tight export valves and small storage facility - offering pork betsimmt in 1. Line the prices the conditions in the EU pork market are characterised by a self-sufficiency rate of approximately 110%. In the past few years, sales in Russia and China, as well as other third countries led to low pork prices above the €1.65 / kg mark. The production was extended in anticipation of further growth.

With the unpredictable Russian import ban , the EU has lost a major customer in the country had recorded around 40% of EU exports and rising. Efforts to alternative delivery options abroad were indeed successful, were not sufficient but nonetheless fully to cover the missing Russian export volume.

The market is pretty much saturated.  The propensity to consume rather pressing through critical discussions about cancer, antibiotics and animal husbandry.  Balancing storage facilities to bridge the gap are the dominant fresh meat market success.  Multiple PLH actions provide little encouraging results and are rather than political good will to understand.

Saturated at a market with limited storage facilities and narrow export valves controls 1. Line the offer prices. The years 2013 to 2015 impressively show this connection. The basic contrary smoothed battle figures at the weekly prices shows the close relationship between the two curves. In addition the seasonality plays a certain role that is especially pronounced around the turn of the year and the barbecue in appearance.

Battle rise in fall 2014 resulted in rapidly declining pork prices under the brand of €1.30 / kg. Declining numbers of battle 2015 – however led in 1st half on higher level - in connection with the barbecue season to below-average prices, which moved between 1.40 and €1.50 / kg.   

Again rising in the autumn 2015 battle figures pushed prices back on and below the level of €1.40 / kg. Should the Lebendangebote continue to remain at this level, is to assume that advised the pig prices to the year 2015/16 again under pressure .

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