To expect more pork in the EU?

Market experts the Commission estimate higher amounts of pork 2016

The market experts at the EU Commission to estimate based on advanced livestock census results rd.  1% higher amounts of pork on a product weight basis expected. Each quarter year, the increases at the beginning of the year 2016 should be just over 1%. Assuming a zero growth in the last quarter.

In a previous publication reduced livestock census based on it came still from a minimal decrease in the first two quarters .

Livestock censuses in the EU Member States are however limited reliable. The surveys are conducted at different times. The frequency ranges from single to quarterly surveys. The methodological range starts with mere market experts on the basis of random samples on Repräsentativbefragungen to complete quarterly returns. Accordingly the results vary.

Should verify the results, further price pressure should be in the 1st half of the year 2016 additional consideration of the PLH quantities pre-programmed.  

The development of consumption in the EU internal market is characterized by an increasing market saturation, which is in the western part of the EU even more clearly than in eastern regions.

The export quantities of the EU have been still pretty good last year in the face of Russia's import alert. In particular, the increase of Chinese import from the EU have been positively hard. But the export volumes adversely affected that their impairment can make only a limited price increase. The average export revenue in the China export is €1.40 / kg of prepared, packaged and frozen goods. The commodity value is significantly below the export proceeds.

The prospect of further Sales towards China are not unfavourable, because the Chinese own generation has considerable difficulties, to recover from the setback of their production.

The Exchange rate also still play a role. The currently rising euro more expensive exports. Whether the main competitor can benefit the United States, still remains open. The United States have must submit to the EU significant market shares in China. Regaining the outlets usually hard for.

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