Heavily modified pig farming structures in Germany

Herds are getting bigger - more than 1000 pigs each average operating

The youngest may livestock census has captured the pig stock size distribution in Germany. The average stock calculated on rd. 1,036 pigs in a farm.

15 years ago an average 185 pigs per holding were held in 1999.

While in 1999 had Two-thirds of all pigs in the holdings under 500 animals were taken care of, the proportion still good 25% in this size class of stock.

The top stocks are grown. In the category of 1,000 to 2,000 - he stocks are now 35% of German pigs. In stocks between 2,000 to 5,000 animals under 20% maintained as same as in the largest unit of over 5,000 animals. The conventional stock structures in the new federal States play a strong role in the top categories. But also in the North West German breeding regions grow into stocks increasingly in this magnitude. In southern Germany, can be observed, although increasing numbers but not enough by far to the sizes in the North and East approach.

The development is similar to lost in the sow housing. The sows figures in 1999 were around 50 animals per holding. Today, the average stock is 198 sows per holder.

The proportion of sows under 100 animals in 1999 approximately 45% and is now at 5%. In contrast, the stock size class of 500 sows of about 15% has increased in 1999 to almost 40%. Sows stocks reach a share of about 25% between 250 and 500 animals.

The development reflects the lower profitability increasing stock sizes. Increasing environmental and animal husbandry conditions strengthen this trend. So, the recent EU position regulation for sows has contributed in 2013 to the lower stock size class due to inefficiency of the necessary reconstruction measures have more than twice as high acceptance rates when compared to the top stock categories.

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