Higher US pig - falling pork prices in the autumn/winter of 2015

US pigs recovering - falling pork prices in the fourth quarter of 15

The US pig has following the serious decline of PEDv epidemic in the spring last year recovered again. The deadly virus disease in the piglets is still present, but does not reach the level of last year.

The Last burglary of PEDv has resulted in a strong shortage of pork. Pork prices have reached historic highs of over €2 per kg. The gains in the pig are classified as a century event. In the aftermath of the US pig were expanded vigorously.

The U.S. pig beträgtmit stand by 1 June 2015 approximately 67 million units, about 9% higher than a year ago. The sow numbers less than the 6 million mark reached s, rd. 1% higher al last year. The increase in productivity is crucial. Only 9.5 piglets per litter were reared in the low point of the epidemic. Now be reached 10.35 piglets. Grossed around 5 million animals per litter are more for the breeding and fattening available.

In addition, the increase of U.S. pork production is intensified by maintaining high slaughter weights. The offer amounts still encounter a receptive market, because the beef supply in the United States as is so scarce for years. The current cooking time contributes to the high levels of consumption. This will be significantly less in the coming autumn / winter months.

U.S. hog prices have now significantly eased after a short soaring flight at the start of the barbecue season. The courses record pork prices by the amount of €1.40 per kg. Although the U.S. values with the European quality standards are not comparable, but the U.S. and world market requires not the high lean meat values, as they are called in Europe.

The forward rates for the autumn / winter months on the Chicago Stock Exchange should amount to between 1.20 to €1.30 per kg. In the face of the strong competition in the export business, US prices are delimiting the framework in which you can move the EU export prices.

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