Increased U.S. number of pigs

U.S. pig on 1st Sept-15 is 4% higher than in the previous year

The stock of pigs in the United States as of the date of Sept. 1, 2015 revealed approximately 68 million animals. Compared to the previous year, an increase of 4% is calculated, compared to the July cattle count 2% have been identified more pigs.  Since the beginning of the count of swine in the United States are the highest animal numbers.

 The sows figures are now just below the 6 million units. Compared to the previous year was an increase an increase determined by 2%, compared to the July 15 date by 1%.  The number of the leading pig sows has significantly recovered after the declines in previous years.

The productivity of sow housing has increased considerably. Now an average 10,36 piglets per sow are counted per litter.  Thus, even a slightly reduced sow herd reproductive performance is more than compensated.

The numbers show that the severe crisis of PEDv epidemic (deadly pig diarrhea virus) is largely overcome in 2013. The sow - and pig have been rebuilt and have the momentum of for further growth.

However is still the critical winter period . The pig virus occurs especially in the cold season with a focus on Jan/Feb/March in appearance. In the past two years, although increased disease cases were reported in these months, have reached far but not of the magnitude of the year 2013.

For the first months 2016 assuming, that the virus in limits can be kept. There are a number of measures to halt the spread. It is crucial that one is better than 2013 prepared for the dangers.

Rising U.S. hog numbers means until well into the year 2016 into sustained high pressure of competition between the two largest export fields of EU and United States. No good prospects for necessary higher pork prices.

As a result of the strong devaluation of the real could Brazil more come to the fore of the export trade. However the export potential within narrow limits between 550,000 and 650,000 tonnes remains possibly calculated in comparison to the United States and the EU with more than 2.2 million tons of carcass weight basis the import valve China opens up a little more. The Chinese supply deficit is large enough to grow to pork imports. However there are also corresponding purchasing power, by the economic weakness and the devalued Chinese currency to potential lost.

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