Increasing EU pork export business prospect.

Commission: expect rising pork exports of the EU for 2016

The ban on imports of Russia with a export loss amounting to about 750,000 t still relatively comfortably survived the EU. A significant part was caught by China, which has almost doubled its imports from the EU in this period. Other Asian countries like the Philippines, South Korea and Japan have contributed to a compensation of part of.

The year 2016 has a good start experienced. EU pork exports to average 23%increased in the first months. China and Hong Kong with a rate of increase by almost 50%, have the largest share of it. The background is the sow housing in China fell behind by 20% for profitability reasons. Although the slaughter weights were and piglet services increased, yet remains compared to the ever-increasing consumption, a deficit that rise through imports is balanced.  

The American export areas are becoming less and less to the course. In China, the United States lost an export share of formerly 50% to less than 20%. The high dollar has it also accounted for the Chinese rejection of meat produced with the American growth of Ractopamine.

So amazingly high the Chinese import growth also may fail, you must allow the intrinsic value of these quantities not disregarded. For recent Jan. 16 delivery of 116,574 tonnes were just 166.303 000 € achieved. This results in an average export earnings of €1.42 / kg.

The average of all pork exports , a value was redeemed in the Jan. 16 from €1.74 / kg . The best sales are made in Japan with an average of €3.05 / kg.

The main difference in the export prices is in the composition of the different valuable pieces of pork. While China mainly paw print, striped tails, ears, whole or parts of the head are delivered, are the valuable pieces with adequate shelf life, that make up the larger part of the supplies for Japan.  High-quality fresh products such as salmon, chop - and Schinkenzuschnitte have only a slight chance in the world-wide export business.

Should the extrapolation of third country exports for the year 2016 as a true highlight, a perceptible relief on the EU market can occur. However, it should be the expectations given the low value of exports screwed too high . A resounding price effect may 1. Line can be achieved only through the European fresh meat business.

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