Increasing EU third-country exports will relieve the internal market

EU pork exports 2016 boom - China/Hong Kong 50%

The EU-28 is assigned as pork surplus area on the export to third countries. 0.75 million tonnes of sales volumes have been lost after the Russia import ban. Yet, major efforts are undertaken, other markets to tap.

Here are the East Asian markets in the foreground. CHina/Hong Kong with a share of about 50% of EU exports stands at 1 point, however. The trend has had a properly in the last 3 years. In the year 2012, 971.948 t were in the the Middle Kingdom sent. There are already 1, 4 million tons in 2015.

Further increases between 40 and 50% is expected for the year 2016 . Background is the acute supply deficit in China. The EU has significant advantages with low cost, a relatively weak euro exchange rate, cheap overseas freight and in particular with the argument of an outstanding hygiene status and not using critical growth promoters.

The competition from North America has cons by the strong dollar and the widespread use of Ractopamine.

EUpork to Japan is supplied in increasing measure. Meanwhile, the export percentage is 10%. The previous rates of increase in is 26%. Japan's total imports are constant for years, therefore the EU in a cut-throat competition had to fight its market share. The Japanese market is therefore so very interesting, because the average export earnings are more than €3 per kg. In comparison, only €1.40 / kg calculated for China.

High growth rates of 30% when still a small share of the market by 6.5% have been achieved for the Philippines . Also in this case, less valuable pieces are traded as with China.

Significantly dropped off is the export of EU pork to South Korea with 37%. The regularly recurring epidemics in the country, that every few years lead to significant stock drops and then again with difficulty be rebuilt are the problem of the Koreans.

A third of EU pork exports goes well in many of small countries of import. To open up the markets there is expensive, because the sales volumes are relatively small. But also these volumes relieve the EU domestic market.

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