Information and opinions to the lift of the Russian import ban

Conflicting opinions on the possible end of the Russian import ban.

Still, the Russian import lock is considered as a countermeasure to the disputes over the conflict in Ukraine. But it considerations are that the ban on pork imports has taken its roots in the findings of African swine fever on the Polish Russian border again to.

According to the Russian Ministry of agriculture, the meat supply in Russia have improved considerably after the initial shock at the beginning of this year. A higher offer from home and abroad make sure that no supply shortages occur. In particular meat imports from Brazil and other South American countries can be brought quickly on the way. Imports had increased in value by 80%.

It is however concealed, that due to the high prices and the devaluation of the ruble the volume increase by + 24 comparatively modest failed % or 105,000 tonnes.

Alone the EU imports were throughout the year 2013 at 750,000 tonnes.

Russian meat industry was to hear the claim, for the time being not and not imposed to unblock import, to suffocate the investment to expand the domestic production not in the bud.  

Opinions are in this country, that Russia will soon rely on EU imports, based on the observation of high hog price increase from 13 to 15% for the consumer. This will be unacceptable in the long term.

The head of the Russian supervision service for animal and plant health has stated that imports are only possible after negotiations. The protection against the introduction of African swine fever (AFP) is a top priority. While the disease has since 1997 Russia is fixed. An increasing spread is to determine the northwestern parts. The rapidly growing finds of infected wild boar in the summer/fall 2014 originated from Russian side in the border areas with the Baltic States.

Bilateral talks with individual EU Member States proposal in the summer was played repeatedly. Individual countries such as Denmark, Netherlands, France and Italy would be possible suppliers, because they will be safe in terms of infestation with AFP. However, this does not apply to the Baltic States and Poland with proven cases of the disease. But countries such as Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia could make no guarantee for freedom of disease which could be accepted by the Russian side.

The European Commission rejects bilateral negotiations with regard to the rules of a single EU market and single foreign trade conditions. Moreover regionalisation was rejected in the spring of 2014 by Russian page with the note on the permeability in the EU internal market.

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