Insufficient EU pork exports: Despite improvement in some areas

H. 2015 - China takes to EU pork exports to the 1 - Russia is missing

The provisional settlement of EU pork exports of the first half of the year 2015 revealed that the export volumes still to rd 300,000 t behind the figures for earlier years are left.

The missing amount of export to Russia amounting to an average 750,000 t was intercepted by higher delivery volumes in other countries to a considerable extent, but just not complete.  

Exports to China have in recent years by rd 400,000 tonnes to about 900,000 t more than doubled. Particularly strong increases are observed in recent times, however, is an increasing share to the detriment of Hong Kong imports.

Clearly - if not too large - increase the export volumes has flowed into Japan, South Korea and the Philippines . The States mentioned are primarily served by North America, however the virus epidemic in the United States and Canada, as well as the strong dollar have helped that the offers from the EU with a weak euro exchange rate were relatively competitive.  South Korea has replacement needs always have as a result of animal diseases increasingly.

The Asian countries have collected nearly 400,000 tonnes of missing Russia imports with its increase in imports from the EU. The summarized "small" import States have more involved at least 125,000 t from the EU. The markets must be developed often only expensive.

China exports achieve average revenues of 1.3 to €1.5 per kg. In contrast, even more valuable pieces as a result of the short path in a range of 1.80 to €2 per kg could be placed in Russia. Thus, even a substantial portion of revenues that are significantly responsible for the level of withdrawal prices is missing in addition to the volumes.

For the 2nd half of 2015 , China is expected to further sales increases in the direction. Unusually, in the land of the Middle, it is withdrawn own generation. Little reduced demand, import increases are inevitable. The low cost prices and the low euro rate make up imports from the EU. Market experts estimate an increase of China imports nearly 500,000 tonnes, which could come to a considerable extent from the EU.  Increased demand for focuses usually on the amount of time before the Chinese new year festival beginning Feb. 2016.

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