International pork market prices just supplied - above average

The international pork market is affected for months by 3 major factors.

(1) the Russian import lock for EU pork exports since Feb 2014th finds by AFP were base of this measure infected wild boar on the border of Poland to Belarus on the Polish side. In the meantime further findings in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have occurred recently also in border regions. Increased AFP cases have been confirmed in Russia, even West of Moscow.

However, the AFP plays only a minor role. In the foreground are the political position games to the conflict in Ukraine.

The import lock has left significant marks on both sides. In the EU surplus area 12 to 15 ct / kg pig prices have fallen below "Normal levels" and are further under pressure, when domestic sales among others by poor BBQ weather stalled. Alternative export options are limited for the EU closely.

In Russia itself, the pig prices a low price level to €2 / kg in the Feb. have grown 2014 abruptly to over €3,5 / kg. Russia's attempt to get replacements for suspended EU imports in the United States, last but not least was the PEDv there rampant pestilence and the sharply higher US prices. The Ractopamine issue (in Russia of non-approved growth promoters) was negotiated on the siding.

Efforts to include pork in the increased mass, from Brazil failed basically on the limited export opportunities in Brazil, that needs its increasing production for the increasing demand in their own country.

It is obvious that Russia is interested in, to bring the EU supplies before the onset of winter. The policy would like to lose but not her face.

(2) the PEDv disease (fatal diarrhea disease in piglets) has spread in the course of a year in the United States over almost the whole country and the States bordering Mexico and Canada. The high point of a week newly infected cases was registered in 2014 in the Feb.. Since the cases go back to 30-40%. The failure of piglets is estimated up to 15%.

The effects on the pork market are only 6 months later, when the weaned pigs are missing. However the price increases Feb 2014 average 1.50 on more than €2 / kg have not least ensured that the slaughter weights around 5 to 7 kg have increased, so that partial compensation was effected. The remaining shortfall of pork is missing the fuel-intensive barbecue season just in time. For the months of July and August are the courses at the highest level of €2.15 / kg.

(3) China's greatly increased production has overwhelmed the growing demand. Chinese pork prices fell well below the break-even point. Over 1 million pigs were slaughtered. Only at the turn of the year is assumed in China again by an incipient normalization. The imports are clearly been throttled so that China as an export outlet not to consider.

Overall, there is a shortage on the international pork market. Trading is significantly decreased and the international pig price level increased. European pork prices by more than €1.60 / kg benefit indirectly from this market situation. The multi-annual EU - average price is €1,50 / kg. Supportive, the falling food prices affect the margin in the pig. The next upturn is determined.

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