Kandas herds recover 3. largest exporter-

Breeding sow inventory in Canada with clear signs of recovery - export competition is greater

The recent livestock census in Canada at the date of 1 Jan. 2015 provided a pleasing result.  The breeding sow population has risen again on the magnitude of 1.22 million animals.

Canada's pig farms haunted of PEDv-disease was, but in contrast to the United States the epidemic is not complete, but occurred in regional priority areas. Yet were clearly a losses of 4.2%.

The number of piglets per litter fell 9.86 animals at the beginning of the year 2014, but recovered in the second half of the year to 10.31 pieces per sow.

During the increased whole pigs by 1.7% compared with the previous year, were there in the sows 0.5% increase in.  Higher sows stocks, rising piglet performance and fewer breakdowns this year can expect a rising Canadian pork production.

Because of domestic demand is largely saturated, the additional meat production in the export will have to go. Canadian pork in the United States will be delivered in the border trade. The Americans are little built over the competition, finally, they also expect a rapid increase in its pig meat production.

The Canadians are also in other international markets at home. Your central destination is the Asian market, where other pork exporters mutually make competition. After the United States and the EU, pork is one of the third largest export region Canada with just under 1.1 million tonnes.  The export share of production is more than 60%.

Compared to previous decades has the Canadian pig farms but significantly need to put back. At the best of times in 2004, 25% were held more animals than it is today. The significant reduction was necessary as the Canadian dollar value rose and thus exports lost competitiveness. At the same time, high feed costs led to a low efficiency. Ultimately the US import capability with various measures for Canadian exports has been more difficult. The stagnation process was associated with financial incentives to reduce the sows stocks gaining momentum at the time. A return to old sizes is unlikely.

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