Less EU-pigs in the 3rd & 4th quarter 2014 estimated.

Like the pork supply in the 3rd and 4th quarter 2014 developed?

Rising slaughter numbers have overwhelmed the outlets on the pork market in the last few weeks. The prizes have been withdrawn. Which offer development is to be expected in the next few months by the end of the year?

The European Commission has made projections for the battle figures to be expected for the main producing countries. However, no figures available are for the second-largest country Spain.

Netherlands, France Denmark, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Poland with a production share of around 75% a 1.8% . reduction for the III quarter and for the IV quarter of 2014 -2.68% less compared with the same period calculated.

Compares to the numbers of the 2nd is half of the year with the first two quarters to a normal seasonal increase, but considerably less falling off compared to previous years.

Developments are however different in individual countries. In Germany are for the second half of 2014 between - 0.8 to 0.9% fewer pigs expected. The decrease between - 1.5 1.8%is in Netherlands and France. However, the stocks rise in Denmark up to + 3% in the 3rd quarter , % fall off but then in the IV quarter to + 0.7.

In Italy and France should the pig in the 4th quarter 2014 double-digit return.

In the 5-largest EU country Poland is assumed by further substantial structural production declines. African swine fever also slows down the Polish pig.

For the second-largest EU country Spain no figures for the second half of 2014 before. In the trend, declining herds can be expected.

The projections are based on the livestock censuseswere carried out in May and June 2014. Even with critical observation of the results, at least no sweeping economic recovery the herds suggests by the end of the year

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