Lingering US cold storage report: scarce meat supplies

Cold storage report: US refrigerated meat supplies as low as no longer

The monthly USDA report on cold storage stocks of meat remains in the month November with about 800,000 tonnes , far below the levels of previous years. While still a slight inventory build-up was tried in the spring months, increasingly had to be at the decreasing volume of meat from the beef and pork industry branched for the ongoing needs of the consumer . Stand structure common in the summer months unfinished. Also for the upcoming winter months is to be expected with any significant improvement in the meat stock .

The largest deficit in U.S. beef. The bovine herds have again not yet recovered after the dry years and the times of high feed costs. For the reconstruction of heifers retained more, thus again reducing the amount of meat. The scarcity of US beef will extend until the year 2015 into.

To little meat comes also from the U.S. pork sector. The reason is the PEDv plague, which has resulted in significant cases in the piglets. Despite to increased slaughter weights from 5 to 8 kg fell back into the battle volumes by more than 9%. The highlight of the shortages was achieved in the time from July until September 2014, in the barbecue season. 

The deadly diarrhea in piglets (PEDv) held up across weekly outbreak cases throughout the year 2014 at a level of 80 to 100. The tip was 2014 companies reported at 350 in Feb. The upcoming cold winter period favored the spread as a result of reduced effectiveness of the hygiene measures. The most recent reports indicate there is already an increase this winter .

The expectations for the year 2015 set on increasing U.S. Sow inventories and fewer large increase in the spread of the disease due to intensive precautionary measures.

The U.S. poultry industry is to be increased by 3%, but could not offset the loss amounts in the red meat sector. Further increases are expected, however, the additional capacity-building needs a gewwissen period of coordinated investments by generating hatching over the mast to the slaughtering and cutting.

The meat supply in the United States to be better clear according to the assessments of the USDA in the year 2015 as in the previous year, but still by the aforementioned constraints within narrow limits.

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