Little rosy prospects for pork market in the near future.

EU experts estimate average prices from €1.45 / kg for the rest by 2015

The EU Group of experts further increases the slaughter numbers for the 4th quarter has predicted in its last monthly report on the situation in the pork market with the recent State of the livestock census results from the month of August. The Lebendangebot by 1.8% to increase compared with the prior-year quarter of 2014.  For the 3rd quarter of 2015, an increase was estimated by 1.7%.

Total, an increase in the slaughter of around 2.5% is estimated for the year 2015 . In the year 2014, the increase was only 1.5%.  The high point of the changes achieved by 2015 in the 1st quarter.

According to the provisional results of the stock count is expected due to the declining sows and piglets numbers with a lower increase of 0.9% volume of battle in the year 2016 .  The biggest decline is expected for the new EU member countries.

However to increase pork consumption 2016 only by 0.2% . Export carcass weight is expected but an increase of 8% or approximately 200,000 tonnes more.

The EU pig prices estimates the EU expert group on average 1.45 €/ kg class E for the 4th quarter.  It is expected that the slightly increasing numbers of battle can be absorbed in before Christmas business.

In comparison, U.S. hog prices in the last quarter by 2015 to a level of € 1.30 per kg to fall down. The courses for "lean hogs" on the Chicago Stock Exchange see the low point around the turn of the year. In the course of the 1st half of the year, expect a rebound in the direction of less than €1.50 / kg in the United States.

Thus, the United States as a leading competitor on the international export market offer for now little prospect that the EU export market with high revenues to a basic relief contributes for pork.

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