Low pork exports in Brazil, moderate increase in the imports of Russia

Brazil's pork exports disappoint all along the line

The high hopes of Brasil liens on large pork exports due to the import lock as a result of African swine fever in the eastern EU Member States or of the Russian countermeasures to economic sanctions of Western countries burst like a soap bubble.

The originally estimated 700,000 t exports are shrunk topped up on scarce 500,000 t. Russia has 2014 to 50,000 t or 38% although the Brazilian imports , but the exports to the Ukraine virtually collapsed. Smaller import countries such as Angola and Singapore jumped a part, reach but not the measure of the other regions by far.

The Brazilian exports to Russia were handicapped among equal in three ways. The Brazilian pork prices increased strongly in anticipation of large exports. The transport costs are high for Russia. The Russian ruble lost rd. half of purchasing power compared with a stronger Brazilian real.

Under these conditions, the Brazilian pork exports in a manageable framework remain. Ukrainian importers given of the financial weakness in their own country could no longer afford the price increases. The dropped Argentine imports again.

At the end of Brazil's pork exports are no longer down as low as for years.  Brazilian pork prices are back from their soaring about €2 per kg in normal regions around €1.50 per kg.

Disappointments there on the Russian side. First they accused the Brazilians, to exploit the Russian situation with high prices. As however the ruble purchasing power lost, you had to admit that a non-negligible part of the scarce and expensive pork supply came from other, sometimes even caused sources.  

The recent efforts of Russia, at the green week back to establish contacts with some European countries , show how critical it is ordered in Russia to the alternative ways of replacement of pork imports. Own generation is tried with higher slaughter weights, but recurrent cases of swine fever in large units with 30,000 deaths as recently at Cherkizovo throw back the small successes.

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