PEDv epidemic in the United States - so far moderate spread

Follow PEDv in the United States - for the international pork business.

The spread of PEDv (deadly viral diarrhea in piglets) in the United States seems not to be, as was the case in the first spring months 2014 to equivalent disease once after the previous career.

The spread of the dangerous virus accelerated during the cold season particularly strong. The hygiene measures are inhibited during freezing temperatures in their effect. The virus itself does not lose even at low temperatures at risk of infection.

As developed by the available vaccination only a 40% efficiency. It is however convinced that the reinforced preventive measures have resulted in that the plague is not last year's level of spread. The number of weekly new outbreaks commute to 100 per week. Last year, the highlight with over 300 cases per week at times exceeded mid/late Feb.

But still is not sure, because the survey method has changed since June 2014, so that a full comparability with the previous numbers is not guaranteed.

The PEDv has serious consequences on the market. Should stay off higher losses, will be considerably more piglets and fattening pigs at the market. The increase in supply is doubly reinforced by increased numbers of sows and maintaining the increased Mastendgewichte. Now literally crashed the stock quotes on €1.25 per kg.

So successful the year 2014 for the US pig farmers was, for 2015 calculated with considerable losses, because domestic consumption is largely saturated and the paragraph valve tightly limited export by the strong dollar is.

The international competition is fierce for the United States as the world's largest pork exporter. The Brazilians offered pork for equivalent to €1 per kg. The EU can offer cheap cuts of pork due to the weak euro.

On the other hand be excess amounts of U.S. pork in export terms been resulting in significant price reductions. All those involved in the market will start to feel it. The EU is directly after the United States of the second largest Exporteuer in the world market.

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