Pig census in Canada to the 1 July 2015: 1% increase

Canada's pig farming takes easily to

The semi-annual gathering of livestock in Canada 1 July 2015 showed a 1 per cent increase in the pig numbers in comparison to the previous date. This increase is to determine for all categories of stock up on abgeferkelten sows with 2%. Canada was not as strong from the PEDv epidemic affected such as in the United States, but significant losses were evident in some provinces. Currently, the viral disease plays a minor role.

The development of the number of pigs is reflected in a slight increase in Canada's pork production.

According to the most recent forecasts expect in Canada a pork production amounting to 1.84 million tonnes of, which differs only slightly from the preceding years. With 0.6 million tonnes, little rising domestic consumption is only at one-third of the production level.

Two-thirds of the quantities of pork produced in the export are accordingly to accommodate. Canada is the third largest export region at world level for the EU and United States export destinations include the border regions in the neighboring United States. The second focus targets Southeast Asian markets such as Japan, China South Korea among others.

The currently quiet history of Canadian pig farms has a turbulent history behind it. First, Canada from the turn of the Millennium had tried similar to the United States to build a rapidly growing pigs. The sales opportunities in the United States and the South Asian States promised high profits.

The United States, however, have the import of Canadian pork with a label "COOL" (= from pure US production) tries to stop with some success. In the course of one growing Canadian dollar sales but increasingly difficult became stronger. The Canadian pig farms has been unprofitable for several years. In the high point of Canadian pigs with 1.65 million sows, a premium for sows holder was suspended in 2005 for at least 3 years to restrict sow housing or to give up. The money was funded from private charges of the remaining pig farmers.

The result of this premium action can be seen to this day. The Canadian sow housing sows on stable 1,226 million went back. Canada's exports remain on approximately the same level for several years, while in the United States violent fluctuations are observed.

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