Pig census in Denmark: more fattening pigs

Quarterly Census of swine: sows more pigs - in DK + 4.5% unchanged.

The to the 1st Oct 2014 provided fixed herds in Denmark have been identified to 4.6% higher than the same time of last year. The fattening herds between 4.7% and 6.7% have risen particularly strongly. While the heavy pigs mid-November are already slaughtered, now comes the strong cast of lower slaughter weight on the market. It is so to expect in Denmark with a rising Lebendangebot in the next 2 months. On the one hand due to the performance of piglets per sow and piglets less, exports can be more fattening pigs in Denmark.

Compared with of July.-14-count number of pigs by 2.7% has increased. The increases were determined exclusively in the Porker.

The number of sows is the previous year remained almost unchanged. But are the farrowing sows with + 0.5% was higher than in the same period last year. This is a difference of about 1,000 sows.

However, the are first pregnant gilts with-1% or  -2,000 pigs have been significantly lower. This indicates that the total number of sows in the fall will not further increased.

The development of declining stocks of sows is evident also in comparison to July 14 count . The number of pregnant sows is decreased by 13,000 units and - 1.6% respectively. For the first time pregnant gilts were counted 6,000 pieces or - 3% less. This goes a little beyond the typical season decline.

From the Bestandsstruktur suggests, that still a pressing battle pork supply in Denmark can be expected. In the first half of 2015 the volume of piglets should become smaller due to the declining numbers of sows. A performance increase of pay piglets per sow in the usual context is not fully can replace the missing sows potential.

Normally be in 1. Line the fattening stalls in their own country are served, so that is to be expected with an lower export of pigs from Denmark at the beginning of next year. The pig price ratios between the parent and grant areas, however, remain crucial in connection with the transport costs. The countries of destination of different price incentives for the distribution of piglets in the northern European mainland from.

Piglet trade shows, that is the regional stock developments a Europe-wide effect unfold. Existing piglets are fattened no matter where. Winning pork is depending on regional requirements across Europe and beyond distributed according to economic aspects. For the assessment of market developments therefore one must comprehensively eBetrachtung, which extends far beyond the own site.

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