Pig disease AFP and PEDv remains highly virulent

Disease traits in pig farms in the new year 2015 with acute danger

The threat posed by the African swine fever (AFP) in the eastern EU countries of the Baltic and in Poland has become in the course of the year 2014 not less, but greater than. There is not a week, without the dead boar with high degree of infection are found and reported.

It is striking that the AFP cases piling on the EU side along the Russian border , while on the Russian side of the border no cases of are reported. That applies to Byelorussia (Belarus) to a greater extent. In the meantime, more confirmed cases are reported in the NO of the Ukraine on the Russian border by AFP. You can imagine the reasons.

In between are also pigs in backyard attitudes . So far affected major attitudes with 20,000 pigs occur despite extensive precautions although more rarely, but show how difficult is the infection defense. The affected areas are sealed off and the stables are locked for at least half a year.

In international trade a country is only again considered disease-free, if the rule, at least for 3 years no new cases have occurred. For exporting countries, which are dependent on exports, a Bundesgesundheitsamtes is an economic disaster. A slight foreshadowing of which provides the Russian import lock but more determined political objectives.

Straight is particularly high during the cold season the risk of transmission. We can only urge strict adherence to precautionary hygiene measures indicate. In the United States an accumulation of back is reflected the onset of the cold season fatal diarrhea disease in piglets (PEDv). The high point of the disease turn in Jan to March 2014 has caused losses amounting to 15%. The United States hopes to prevent a repetition of the disease turn into similar size the more intensive sanitation measures. The recent messages with a week more than 100 new cases let fear worseafter the level over the summer significantly under the VPE brand was weighed.    

The PEDv plague is regional in Canada and almost throughout Mexico widespread. The plague in irregular spurts in appearance occurs in China, the original country of origin.  

Europe has this form of pig disease not yet in appearance. The PRRS has similar effects, but it can be suppressed by the vaccination.

I hope Europe will be spared the PSDv plague. There are two medications in the United States, but with only 40% effect. Preventive hygiene is the ultimate resounding handhold.

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