Pig market in the IV.Quartal 2014: little relief to expect

As developed offering pork in the 4th quarter 2014?

Rising slaughter numbers have overwhelmed the outlets on the pork market in the last few weeks. The prizes have been withdrawn. Which offer development in the last quarter of this year is to be expected?

The European Commission has made projections for the battle figures to be expected for the main producing countries. However, no figures available are for the second-largest country Spain.

The usual seasonal rise in 4th quarter 2014 lags behind last year's levels. Increase compared to III quarter 2014 to pig production only by 3.6% . Compared to the fourth quarter of 2013 the pig numbers remain - 1.21 percent lower.

The development is considered in the Individual EU countries differently from 19% to + 3.5% , however different weightings are taken into account.

The largest decline in the previous year is expected-19% in Italy. -2.7% were calculated for France. The most recent battle figures of in recent weeks suggest in both countries also in this direction.

For Germany , the lowest increases are by + 0.2% 2014 estimated for the last quarter. Denmark's battle figures to rise by 0.9%. The Netherlands should have around 1.2% more slaughter in the fourth quarter to 14. An increase to 2.6% was determined for Poland and for the United Kingdom, an increase of 3.5%.

No figures for the second half of 2014 are for the second-largest EU country Spain. Follow the trends from the first half of the year are to be expected declining herds.

For an overall assessment, the battle figures in Germany with almost 12 millionare., Spain pigs with approximately 10 million, as well as the Danish slaughter with 7 million and the Dutch and French numbers with each approximately 6 million units. to highlight. The sharp percentage drop in Italy is limited in nearly 3 million slaughter pigs.

For the market and price, the demand side is in addition to take into account. This is the Russian ban on imports of all kinds of meat in the weight. In addition to pork also missing exports beef and poultry meat must are to cope with. Thus, domestic sales is strongly put in distress. Replacement exports towards Asia although has been promoted in the first half, not enough but the scope here to replace the missing Russia exports. Clear the recently fallen euro exchange rate favors while export compared to the competitors, but the eligible markets are far away for Europe and already occupied by other exporting States to significant parts.

A Basic relief of the pork market, or an significant improvement in prices in the last quarter of 2014 is not knowing.

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