PLH begins on March 9.2015

Private storage aid action (PLH) starts on Monday, March 09, 2015

According to the implementing regulation of the Commission proposals on the funding of a seasoned pork can be requested from MO, 09.03.2015. The weak pig prices in connection with the Russian import ban are called as a reason for the PLH action.

The minimum quantities for the pieces to be under lock and key is in deboned meat 10 t and in the case of bone-containing lots 15 tonnes.

The storage period can between 90, 120 and 150 days are selected.

Depending on the type of cuts and shelf life is the grant between 210 and €305 per t.

The aid are turned out measured 2011 40% smaller on the recent actions of PLH in late.  Possibly, the smaller amounts of brake participation.

The measure is controversial. The measure is basically too late. She must take place during the long period of price rates under €1.30 per kg to pry out the lowest price range. Now, the market is already located in the self-cleaning phase.

There is generally no market relief , but the supply quantities are only temporally postponed.  The displacement is achieved after 3, 4 and 5 months at a time, where rising prices are expected due to the barbecue season. The known quantities are to be taken into account in the pricing, so that the expected inflation both adversely by the height by the length of time is affected.

Which currently already held stock amounts of pork for the barbecue on a private basis will be replaced now partially by PLH quantities, so that an minimal additional demand effect. Thus the hoped-for price supportive is barely significant effect can. When the pig prices still increasing, then out for other reasons.

Depending on the size of the quantities will be informed of future supply when paging in the interphase a restrained price trends be expected.

Germany as an opponent of the measure was overruled in the Management Committee of the European Commission. Vigorous interest came from France, Spain and Poland.

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