PLH swap is imminent

Paging the PLH pork quantities alone in April 2016: 60,000 t

The swap amounts of pork to the private storage of approximately 90,000 tonnes stored in the Jan.-2016 starts from the first week of April.

A first batch of outsourcing will include about 60,000 t in during the month of April 2016.  Of them are in the first 3 weeks of the month of April up to 29,000 t again in the market back removed be. A weekly slaughter volume of nearly 1 million pigs and average slaughter weight increases the required quantity of about 96,000 tons to more than 105,000 tonnes. This is an order of magnitude that will leave the market prices not unimpressed.

However, part of this amount should already be otherwise planned in advance. It is assumed that used subsets to the rearrangement of inventories for the barbecue season .  

More 30,000 t of the PLH-action will be released for the rest of the month of April . Should not significantly diminish the current battle figures or a considerable rise in demand will not take place, the April prices for pigs are further under pressure.

Germany is involved with a share of 25,000 t over the whole month of April. Denmark denies the 2nd largest share with about 10,000 t, followed by the Netherlandsn with just under 10,000 tonnes and Spain with about 7,000 t the swap amounts in the whole month of may 2016 adhere with about 7,000 t in comparatively moderate frame. The decisive quantities are released in Spain. Germany is hardly significant.

A third big boost to outsource with rd 22,000 t takes place during the first two weeks of the month June. Remember, mainly Spain and Italy are involved. Pork is particularly strong demand in the middle of the holiday season.

With the end of the month June 2016 , the action should be completed. The costs are estimated at € 29 million and financed from the funds of the EU. You will refer to the measure will ultimately be as efficient, to future price developments.

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