Poland's pig farming in 2014 transition

Poland pig since accession 2004 decline - rest temporarily

The number of pig-holding companies in Poland has in the last 10 years by half. The pig numbers have fallen from 18 million to 11 million units per year. Pork consumption has remained constant at first, but has eased in recent years.

Poland has become an net importer of an original net exporter of pork.  Germany provided approximately 2013 approximately 35%, Denmark nearly 30%, Belgium and the Netherlands 14% each. Exports went mainly to the surrounding neighbouring countries with a focus on Belarus, but also to Japan and South Korea.

In the year 2014 , the African swine fever has and in the continuation of sanctions against Russia in terms of Conflict in Ukraine the Polish export opportunities dramatically restricted. The goods will remain in the country and displacing imports. A not inconsiderable part of the German export problems is also due to this circumstance.

The recent pig counts emanating from a recovery of the Polish pig numbers. However, the number of sows go back further.  The extra pigs come to rising shares from pig imports from Denmark in the order of 2 million shares with falling shares from the Netherlands.

The competitiveness of the sow housing in Poland is considering extremely weak set up by on average 5.5 sows per holder . For comparison, the average population of sows in Denmark is already above the result and in Germany it goes beyond the 200-er size. Also the productivity of the Polish sow housing is accordingly low.

Also the Polish pig has serious structural weaknesses. More than 50% of the pigs are among 200 animals in inventory units. Only one-third of the pigs is greater than the magnitude of 500 mast sites. The number of the holder in this category is the Communist reign at 0.7%, partly as a remnant.

A strong structural change is to observe when the pig is under profitability pressure then with considerable regularity. The many small attitudes then into financial difficulties, while the backyard attitudes towards the self-sufficiency only give the pig on it in the course of the generational. The young people earn their income in the cities.

The regional focus of the Polish pig is located in the Centre of Poland, while the pig density remains low on the outskirts. Therefore the African swine fever in the borders volume no matter special after Russia. However, the region due to the limitations of trade has moved strongly affected.

The recent economic developments will contribute to a noticeable decline in Polish pig farming experience again.

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