Poland's pig farming on the return March

Poland number of pigs is shrinking - rising imports of piglets only partially compensate.

After joining the EU 2014, the pig farms in Poland first saw a surging. After this brief period, the Polish pig farms in Poland dates back continuously with different gradations. The most recent livestock census in Dec. 2015 provided only a population of about 10 million animals. 10 years ago there were almost twice as much.

The stock declines be relapsing. When the profitability of pig farming in the EU is close, stocks be withdrawn above average. While in previous years were mainly high feed rates of the shutter, are low pig prices today.

The strong reaction of the inventory change is due to the small structured attitude with a considerable part of an enhanced domestic supply. About 80% of the pigs are among 200 animals in flocks. Sow housing with an average 12 sows per holder is typical. In many cases it is expiring companies still operated by a diminishing of the older generation.

However, adheres the pork production considerably constant high level of 1.7 to 1.8 million tonnes pork per year. The main reason is that Poland imported piglets on a growing scale.  Alone in the year 2015, the Polish imports of piglets by 8.3% have risen. 3.6 million piglets and strongly rising imported from Denmark. Partly, these animals are fattened in stables with Danish participation. Dutch imports are also pretty good, but no longer have the importance of earlier years.

The rising imports of pigs, however, are the decline of sows with over 6% not able to absorb. Therefore, it is to be expected for the year 2016 with Polish pork production. The net import status in Poland will increase significantly.

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