Pork demand falters

(AMI)  Europe faltered last pork demand in the wake of the cool and unsettled weather. In the past year, the temperatures were previously Grill friendly and warmer than this year. In a parallel Europe-wide larger volume of slaughter pigs, the industrial Schweinefleischvermarkter massively complain the outlets. High stocks in the freezer and cold storage limit the revenue opportunities in the trade of fresh chilled goods. In international business is also reported by a strong competition and pressure on prices.

In France , the amount of pigs is greater than demand, because in the current week battle activities restrict Ascension to the 8th of may as a public holiday and also in the next week. Pork demand is weak, as the cold, changeable weather with rain not to grill invites. At the last listing, eased the guiding price slightly with 1.3 CT per kg. Also from Belgian Schweinefleischvermarkter will be complained about weak pork demand. Pork can be placed only with significant price reductions. It is very difficult to find buyers. Eastern European importers demand even greater discounts than ever before in the meat trade due to faltering demand. The Polish pig market declined 1.31 EUR / kg SG for pigs the HKL. E last 9 CT / kg comparable to counting down heavily. From the Netherlands reported overhangs on slaughter pigs, because there are 2 holidays more than in neighbouring countries the slaughter activities significantly limit. The declining revenue opportunities in the meat trade in Italy cause pork prices continued under latent price pressure. Spanish Meat exporters hope that the EU export support in the second half of the year in the third country by the low euro exchange rate stronger than so far jumps. At the moment, also Spanish marketers complain about price pressures against suppliers from Germany and the United States. Despite the market situation in Spain has eased in the short term easily, because the abattoirs are somewhat more receptive than in the past 2 weeks.

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