Pork exports to Cuba?

Cuba - a chance for European Spanish pork exports?

Cuba opens the borders not only towards the United States.  The Spanish-speaking country with a penchant for pork opened favourable conditions for exports of the Iberian Peninsula. Cubans prefer the Spanish style of smoked and roasted pork preparations. In this respect, no major obstacles to the consumption habits must be overcome.

Spain has now become the most numerous pig-richest country in the EU . The region, just behind Germany is only at the amount of meat. A new market is the Spanish. The rising Spanish meat production after the Russia import ban had significant difficulties to complete the paragraph with a focus on the holiday stage at acceptable cost. With the help of dumping activities in the European internal market, Spain has contributed noticeably recently to price pressure in the EU.

What sales potential in Cuba?

The number of inhabitants is estimated at stagnant 11.25 million people. The official net income is with 584 CUP per month or 20-$30 per month specified. However, the monthly rental costs hardly $5. Health care, education, public transport are almost free of charge. For agricultural products, state maximum prices are set example: 1 kg bananas cost $0.2, 500 g white bread $0.45, 12 eggs $0.95. However, 1.32 1 l of milk costs $ and 1 kg of cheese $3.67. Chicken meat is between 3.80 up $5.32 / kg depending on the part of paid. In addition to the State prizes, there are also free sale with the result that the courses are often twice as high due to the scarcity.

Between 70 and 80% of food must be imported be. In Cuba because of the agricultural potential could feed well itself. But 30% of agricultural land are not managed. Fertilizers and plant protection is little or not used due to lack of purchasing power. Forced to operate in some areas high ecological.

The Organization of the food production can be divided into 4 categories.

- State plantation companies with frequently little efficiency.

- Cooperative enterprises as coalitions of small farmers, often twice as powerful.

-383,000 "Stadtbauern" in and around the big cities with 50,000 hectares or 130 square meters per managers - equity providers on balconies, terraces, roof gardens, gardens, backyards, public parks with estimated 14,000 ha. The attitude of Guinea pigs, rabbits, poultry, pigs and goats to do so also.

The supply of vegetables is about 70% over the "Stadtbauern" and equity providers. But biologically produced!

Performance products such as beef, dairy and pork are scarce and expensive.  Pigmeat production is estimated officially at 180,000 t. These imports come between 25,000 and 35,000 t. This corresponds to about 17 kg per capita of the Cuban population.

Cuba's food sector offers sales potential, but the purchasing power is moderate. Imports of goods are subject to the State regulation of import and are subject to the countervailing demand management.

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