Pork market Poland: by the former to the importing country

After EU accession: 10 years of pig farming in Poland

To the EU accession in 2004 Poland had a pig in the order of just under 19 million animals. According to the most recent livestock census by March 1, 2015 only 11.5 millionwere. Found pigs.

The number of breeding sows was 2014 still 1.8 million units. The latest counting result delivered only half with 0,956 million sows.

The pork production in Poland has fallen only from 1.92 million tons to 1.84 million tonnes.

The numbers to fit not quite together seem at first glance. On closer inspection, 3 important factors are taken into account.

(1) the halving of the sow population in Poland was partially absorbed by higher productivity of reared piglets per sow and year.

(2) missing Ferkel be in growing volumes of other countries imported. 1 place Denmark is available with an annual export to Poland in the increasing size of approximately 4 million piglets. Alone in first quarter 2015 1.11 million piglets were transported from DK to PL. At the same time of last year, there were 0.83 million juveniles.

From the Netherlands, Poland more 0.42 to 0.55 million pigs per year, but involves decreasing tendency. Dutch pig exports have reached their capacity.

(3) the meat performance of pigs is increased in a shorter duration of the mast through better animal material, more favourable rearing and targeted feeding.

The aforementioned aspects explain the comparatively small drop in pork production in Poland compared to the decline of the herds.

Poland has become by an original exporter to a net importer . The Polish dependence on imports is both at the level of the life end in loads such as on the basis of meat imports.  

In spite of severe structural change, there are still serious structural disadvantages. 80% of the pigs are Rd in small stocks, which have little prospect of continuing stock in European competition conditions. The Polish reduction process in the pork production will therefore continue. Particularly strong spurts are caused by high feed prices and/or low pig prices of pigs every time in difficult economic conditions to watch.

For more than a year fighting Poland with the African swine fever, which leads along the Russian border for failures in entire regions. The remaining exports were largely locked out of fear for the spread of the deadly disease.

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