Results of the pig census in Germany

Results the livestock census of the 03 may 2015

The number of pigs in Germany is down % according to the results of the livestock census of the 03 may 2015 to 0.7 less as in the may 2014 census. However compares the numbers with the may-2014 results in a slight increase of 0.2%.

The number of sows has fallen back to - 1.2% and is now at 2.05 million animals. Compared to 2014 may count, the decline is - 2.6% and - 55,000 sows. Average performance of piglets by 25 per sow and year around 1.35 million piglets missing without regard to performance.

A balance this piglet about improving productivity would have to deliver a performance progress of at least + 0.67 piglets per sow and year. This is beyond realistic possibilities. Therefore, increased import dependence of piglet supplies will develop all probability from Denmark and the Netherlands. If the adjustment stand not seriously goes back, piglet prices in Germany at least. the transport costs will be higher.

In the individual federal States , sharp cuts in the pig - 10.6% in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, - 5% in Thuringia and - 3.8 are to observe % in Saxony. In the two largest regions of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia % increased holdings of pigs each + 0.3.

Sow housing - 11.5%, Saxony-Anhalt countries stand out % Saxony % and Rhineland-Palatinate with 6.9 with 3.2. Strikingly, the + 7.6% is increase in Branden-burg. The sows + 2.4% have become in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony - 1,1% redemption found in the neighbouring country.

The fattening pigs weighing about 80 kg LG have decreased by - 2.4%.  Considering the Lebendim - and exports this development tends to match moderate battle figures of in recent weeks.

The weight class of the fattening pigs between 50 to 80 kg indicates an increase of 1.0% in the coming battle figures. On the other hand is a decrease of young animals under 50 kg counted with - 2.2%.

Piglets were counted on May 3, 2015 to + 2.6% more. Average mast developments would have to be butcher the group in August.

In the two groups of pregnant and non pregnant gilts , the acceptance rate of - 4.3% and - 3.9 falls % in the eye. The figures signal a further decline in the pig production in Germany. Around 20,000 fewer gilts are just under half a million pigs in 2015/16 fewer autumn/winter. The Danes will make up for it.

The largely completed conversion of survey - and evaluation methodology suggests that the previously frequent misjudgments are small.

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