Rising pork exports from the United States and the EU forecast

Global pork exports take to - United States and EU hold 2/3 market share

In its annual ten-year preview of the development in the pork trade , the U.S. Department of agriculture (USDA) predicts rising pork exports. In the next 10 years, exports to 3rd. should to accept 1 million t SG in the major exporting countries.

The supplies come mainly from 4 countries: United States, EU, Canada and Brazil. Other exporting countries are of subordinate importance.

The United States as the world's largest exporter of pork expects a rebound after the PEDv-related decline in the year 2014 in the current year. The cyclical price-related increase in the U.S. pork production in the order of magnitude of 5.6% forces a larger amount in third-country sales at limited domestic sales. This will occur but in the face of the strong dollar only with a substantial drop in prices. Now 2.3 million tonnes, the US exports to rise to 2.75 million tonnes in the year 2024.

The 's second largest exporter of pork the EU has much more to fight than the United States, which have their main sales regions in the Asian region with the problem of Russian import lock.  Both countries together earn about two-thirds of world pork exports. Under the pressure of the offbeat Russia imports, new market opportunities are sought and found. The weak euro exchange rate will change to benefit the European exporting countries with the euro currency. The competitiveness of the EU over the competitors is significantly larger in far-off Asia. The EU deliveries after South Korea, China, Philippines and many other small States are already 2014 significantly risen 2.2 million t and should be expanded. 2.6 million t of SG (not product weight) out of the EU will be shipped until the year 2024.

Canada remains third largest export nation for pork, but without any great prospects for a significant increase. In the past the Canadian production could not keep the other provider in the global trade. Production and export was scaled back to the today's level of 1.25 million tons.

Greater export opportunities are given to the Brazilian pork industry .  The country has the lowest feed and stable space costs worldwide, has long enough to break way. Hygiene and disease problems are a permanent obstacle to export. Starting from the current nearly 0.6 million tonnes of exports should grow in the year 2024 to 0.85 million tonnes. But whether is still critical to scrutinize. The Brazilian pork production increased while vigorously in the last 10 years, but domestic consumption rose by the same amount. The exports commute on this level for 10 to 15 years.

The biggest benefit of the growing export market with pork the most!

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