Russia accused Brazil due to overpriced meat prices

The Russians imported brasiliansichen meat prices are too expensive

After the Russian import ban on meat imports from the EU and the United States, Russia put in 1. Line on the single remaining powerful exporter of meat to Brazil. Whereas in the past all the possible hygienic concerns had to serve to keep cheap Brazilian meat from the Russian market, were mid August 2014 immediately after the backlash against the Western sanctions all Brazilian slaughterhouses the border after Russia made open.

Brazil exported about 650,000 tonnes of pork, 2 million tons of beef, and 3.6 million tonnes of poultry meat per year. Russia needs replacement deliveries to locked-down pork amounting to 700,000 t, 100,000 t 75,000 t poultry meat and beef and veal.  The bottleneck is at the pork, while the beef and poultry meat, the problems are less critical.

In the wake of additional export opportunities developed itself in Brazil a corresponding rise in the prices of Brazilian and euro currency rate increases between 22 and 23% has led. However, the strong loss of purchasing power of the ruble led to more expensive in Russia by 30% within two months.

The strong increase in the Brazilian imports has resulted because promptly appropriate contingent measures in Russia. At once determined again by the top Russian veterinary authority, that Brazilian Mäster as the incremental revenues to run Racptopamin not allowed in Russia is used. In addition are criticized more hygiene measures.

But so far it has remained with accusations and posturing, because the reference alternatives are even smaller.

In recent times, efforts be undertaken to tap Indian beef exports. India is the third largest beef exporter with very cheap Buffalo meat. Contacts have been recorded with China , to get about 20,000 tonnes of frozen pork. In Chile it has revive old ties, to get 10,000 to 15,000 t meat from there.

In the meantime it defends itself by all public means, however, that Belarus from the West imported meat deliveries next infiltrates through after Russia. The reality is often different. Many opportunities for the free trade agreement between the two countries without border controls. However keep the quantities within manageable limits. It is more about prestige loss.

So much pork prices in this country for pressure sure so is Russia itself under pressure. While the Russian pig fatteners can rub the hands, it looks less favourable for the consumer. State-limited consumer prices still within limits, there is however a shortage economykeeping. State-prescribed consumer waiver is announced.

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