Russia wants to be self catering in the meat sector

Russia wants to invest € 10 trillion subsidy in meat production

The Russian meat imports sustainable to replace, the Russian Government has put up a plan after rd. 10 bio € subsidy should be invested in building a powerful meat industry. 

The meat production to current 8.5 million tonnes increase to 10 million tons in the year 2020. This could reduce the Russian meat import to 68%. Instead of 2.82 million tonnes of imports in the year 2014 only 0.4 to 0.5 million imports would require in the future.

Pork imports to fall already currently 0.65 million tonnes in the year 2017 to under 0.2 million tonnes. At the same time, it intends to reduce poultry meat imports 0.55 million tons to 0.15 million tons. The self-sufficiency rate on all kinds of meat is to be increased to at least 85%.  Now, to reach a supply over 80% as a result of the import lock.

An one-third of the money pig stop ends the companies benefit. Expect an increase in the pork production by about 1 million tonnes. However, the net increase will be only half because it is assumed that a number of old stalls must be torn down. You will need to pay tribute to also of African swine fever.

As in the past even the larger part of the production and consumption growth in the poultry meat will occur. One anticipates an increase of current of 45% to over 50% in the year 2020 pork to unchanged to retain a stake of 20% and beef from 20% to 15% fall.

In the years after 2020 , the production aims to develop more stable. Instead of grain and animal feed to low on the market for sale, wanted, you keep the value added in their own country.  At the end, the goal is that Russia become the net exporter of meat could be.  A declining population and a lower per - capita could help consumption.

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