Russia's pork supply by generating your own

Russia: import bans and missing financial strength force to increase the supply of equity Russian pork imports by over 1 million tons in the year 2013 a thing of the past. Barely 0.3 million tonnes will be introduced in 2015 and for the next year 2016 estimates the USDA only 0.2 million tons.

The compensation of the missing amounts was done first in the recent past for the most part forced abandonment of the consumption . Instead of 3.26 million tonnes in the year 2013, consumption to 2.93 million tonnes has been shut down in 2015. Also switching to poultry meat provided a significant contribution to the partial compensation. Beef is comparatively expensive.

In third place are the efforts to boost the Autoproduction. The Russian pork production was still in the years 2013 at 2.4 million tonnes. According to recent estimates the production should be increased to 2.63 million tonnes in 2015 . For 2016, one anticipates a further increase to 2.78 million tons.

The ambitious goals of the Russian Government on maintaining the 100% self-sufficiency require significant investment effort involving public and private funds. And the increase in needs several years until from the pig farms, the animal feed industry and the processing industry logistically, everything on the set is found.  

The increase of the production capacity is more required, the more the pig production in so-called backyard attitudes to domestic supply increasingly go back.

As the consumer prices for pork again fall back to "normal" levels, is expected to the extent that the reverse conversion of poultry meat will be held.

Take self catering is a while to complete the path to sustainable and satisfactory.

A return to old import volume is also therefore no longer accessible in addition to the political and health-hygienic reasons, because now the purchasing power is missing through the halving of the value of the Russian ruble and the income due to the weak economic development.

Last not least, you will avoid in any case, that the efforts so far to improve the self-sufficiency through the opening of the border for cheap imported goods will be undermined.

The Russian import market is largely to write off for the EU in the longer term.

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