Sources of China's pork imports?

China's pork imports are on a growing scale from EU countries

Around 1.4 million tonnes China introduced pork on average in recent years. For 2015 and 2016 is expected to continue growing volumes of import because the Chinese supply currently goes through a production slump.

In the year 2011, more than 50% of the imports came from North America with the obesity United States.  5 years later the United States provide only 300,000 tons, while the Canadians were able to maintain its share.

The are many reasons for the U.S. decline. China rejects pork that is produced with the growth of Ractopamine. However, the medium is allowed in the United States. In the years 2013/14, the United States experienced a PEDv epidemic with a massive reduction of available pork for export purposes. Also, the Chinese veterinary authorities applied strict standards so that the disease is not brought to China. However, the deadly virus originated in China. The export obstacle for a strong U.S. dollar, which made US exports no longer competitive applies in particular to the year 2015.

On the same scale as the United States was ousted from the Chinese import market have significant EU Member States a growing Handelsantexpress secured. The Danish international has always been export-oriented were doing right from the outset, could not significantly increase market share.

Greater Germany expanded its pig meat exports to China. German exports from 50,000 to 350,000 t increaseswere within the last 5 years.  While the pressure of the import alert of Russia was behind it. The low pig prices in combination with the weak euro exchange rate have contributed to this development. There are, however, the deliveries to half of the by-products of slaughter and from less valuable frozen cuts of pork.

The second largest EU pork producers Spain with a degree of self-sufficiency of 130% has tripled its exports at this time.  Many smaller EU countries such as Holland, England, Ireland, and Belgium took part in particular in the last two years with increasing amounts of the China imports.  The amounts are greater than the United States has given the last together 250,000 t.

The perspectives for the year 2016 are more promising for the EU. China has a growing demand for imports, the EU is looking to substitute exports for the export loss after Russia, the EU pig prices are competitive in conjunction with a persistently low euro rate. The products in China will also learn a high appreciation as a result of the high hygiene standards.

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