Spain pigmeat sector

Spain's pork sector is under strong export pressure.

Spain is the second largest pork producer in the EU after Germany. Spanish self-sufficiency is still higher than the German with rd. 125% 110%.

Pig production in the Iberian Peninsula 7% is grown in the year 2015 . The consumption increase of 2.2% could not keep to the same extent. The consumption per capita is less than 49 kg compared to Germany with about 40 kg.

This is the summer holiday period in rather less of a problem in the sale. Once the tourists but pull off, a selling pressure, driving up pork prices in the autumn and winter months in the cellar is created.

The Spanish average pork prices quoted on a live weight basis ((LG)) are at €1.14 per kg or roughly €1.44 / kg carcass weight (SG). Towards the end of the year 2015 only €0.95 / kg achieved LG or €1.20 / kg SG.

Spanish pigs reach a live weight of 112 to 114 kg or 88/89 kg SG. In that regard, an immediate comparison with the northern European countries with caution is to perform.

The sow herd in Spain by 2.3% should be increased according to the most recent livestock census results. The entire Spanish pig grows by 6% to just under 27 million animals and thus just behind the German pig by 27.5 million Meat production is however further apart due to the 8 to 9 kg higher slaughter weights in Germany.

Given the sales problems now and for the foreseeable future is to understand, Spain took part particularly intensively in the PLH action past to with a share of just under 23%. Germany holds about 23% share in the private storage aid according to current.   

An specialty niche feature is the Iberian pig, that is raised in the region of Extremadura in the free field and long production life. However, we require top prices for selected pieces of several hundred euros per kg.

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