Spanish pork production 2015: + 4.1%

Pig farming in Spain grows

Spain stands with 26.55 million animals in second place in the EU, after Germany 28,23 million pigs. However, the Spanish pork production with 3.57 million tonnes falls more clearly behind the German production with 5.5 million tonnes. The reasons even in high German pig imports of approximately 11 million per year, and in the different animal services in the rearing and fattening.

While in Germany the pig meat production at least strong up to the year 2011, the Spanish production increase is lower. In both cases, only small changes observed are in the last 3 years.

In both countries the pork consumption is stagnating. In Spain, however, is a considerable difference between the summer and winter season. In the holiday period, approximately 5 million people more are to provide. The seasonal pig prices are in the holiday period the EU prices regularly at the top and fall off sharply in winter.

After the recent pig counts in Dec 2014 the number of Spanish sows should be increased again by 4.7%. Taking into account the higher performance of piglets expected 2015 with an increase of Spanish pork production 4.1%

Spain is exactly net exporter of pork, e.g. Germany. Spanish exports were increased in the years 2014 to about 1 million tonnes product weight . The Russian import ban has taken Spain exports less stronger than in Germany. The Iberian Peninsula while losing 2% of exports towards Northern Europe, could make in Italy and Portugal but ground.

The Spanish export successes in third countries can take a look. Deliveries to Japan more than tripled to and after South Korea and the Philippines , doubling could be achieved in the year 2014. Exports are Spanish ham and sausage specialties. After China 30% were carried out more, but these are mostly offal.

Total pork exports of Spain have risen in value from 2009 to 2014 to 22% in terms of volume and by 85% the export increases have also a price. Pork prices were for weeks €1.03 per kg live weight or €1.30 per kg carcass weight by 2015 in the Jan. It should be noted that Spain has to cope with high feed costs due to a substantial import demand for energy and protein-rich animal feed. Some facilitation of the building there are.

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