Tönnies to 5th place in the world's largest pork butcher

10 world's largest battle company - Tönnies is doing

The pig international magazine has assembled the world's largest companies for pig slaughter.  Only the battle figures were used as a benchmark . Other activities of the Group during the breeding, fattening, processing, and sales were not considered also not the connections in the animal feed sector.

The world's largest group is a Chinese investor group, which became known only recently through the purchase of the former U.S. Smithfield company . Slaughter Rd. 48 million in the United States, China, Mexico, Poland and Romania were counted. In China, the Yurun Group acts now with slaughter 16.5 million alone in the Middle Kingdom. According to the latest 5-year plan of the Chinese Government are further 15 companies of this size.

Danish Crown reached approximately 20.7 million slaughter with its offices in Germany. While the battle figures go back in their own country Denmark, the company tried again to make something up for with offices in Germany and Poland. Involvement in Poland receives significant upswing lately, because a growing share of Danish pig there is delivered and fattened in stables with Danish participation...

Tyson Foods United States has risen with almost 20 million pig slaughter in the to the higher ranks. JBS engaged with 18.7 million battle figures in the United States as well as in Brazil. Hormel Foods operates ausschließlch in the United States with a carcase production capacity of 13 million PCs.

The German company Tönnies is 5th place in the world rankings with his slaughterhouses in Germany and Denmark. Specify slaughter 17.2 million for 2014.

The Vion food group around 15.7 million working in the Netherlands and in Germany,  Slaughter should have been reached in Dutch and German slaughterhouses.

Also in Spain and Brazil, there are companies with battle amounts to 10 million pieces., prevail under while in France mainly medium-sized companies the slaughterhouses there is much movement through mergers and other changes, so change the order from year to year. Much dynamics can be observed because there a fundamental change from the backyard systems to powered industrial pig production in vertically integrated systems will take place in China.

The changes in the direction of greater concentrationare piling up in difficult economic times. This will not pass to Germany.

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