United Kingdom pig: easy increasing domestic production - high import figures

Britain's pig recovering - but fewer sows

After the devastating disease moves at the beginning of the second millennium, the pig in the UK was scaled back by more than a third. Up to the year 2010, not a radical reconstruction of the pig could be enforced. In the last 5 years a significant increase of the number of slaughter can be observed.   

Pigmeat production in their own country is greater than just the mark of 1 million tonnes. After deduction of about 260,000 t export, approximately 40% of consumption amounting to 1.5 million metric tons from abroad must be imported. The focus of the supplies come from Denmark with a considerable share of bacon pork, as well as from the Netherlands.  German pork exports are also in considerable quantities. 95% of imports come from EU Member States.

Exports go to two-thirds share in the EU countries, one third is under not least needed in third country States in China/Hong Kong.

The development of consumption has only moderate growth rates. The per capita consumption in the UK is 24.1 kg of pork , well below the EU average of rd 40 kg based on carcass weight recent livestock census results from Dec 2014 provided further increases of the herds total 2%. The projections for the years 2015 and 2016 to see the pig slaughter further above the 10 million pieces per year rise.

However, the censuses have with 313,000 sows the smallest breeding stock since more than 50 years on. Although productivity in piglets production has increased in the United Kingdom, but the decline in the first pigs suggests that the downward trend will continue.

The german English trade balances are characterized by German deliveries to the United Kingdom in the size of 75,000 t pork, 30,000 tonnes processed pieces of ham and shoulder, as well as 22,000 t sausages. In the Gegenzuge, the British only 31,000 t deliver pork to Germany.

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