United States and EU in the sales competition for pork

Pork exports of the United States and EU

The EU-28 and the United States export each around 2.2 million tonnes of pork on the global markets of third countries. This year, the EU has the nose front, in the past few years, the United States were the world's best for several years. Both countries deny around 2/3 of the world trade in pork. It is obvious that the competitive situation between the two export regions is decisive for the formation of prices. In addition to the different distances of the respective areas of import, the Exchange rate plays a significant role again and again. The strong dollar is the comparatively weak euro in the disadvantage, is not only crucial.

The year 2015 is for both production areas characterized by an increased need for export. In the EU-28, the total loss is painfully noticeable after Russia. In the United States the above-average expansion of pork production in response exerts pressure on the PEDv epidemic in the years 2014 to highest possible exports.

The import areas in the world are manageable. The United States are currently in the convenient location can serve their two neighbors Mexico and Canada at least to the same extent as in the past. For further export deliveries, however, is the Asian market in the foreground. In recent times, it turns out, that the US market opportunities for pork in Japan and South Korea significant growth could reach. However, the opportunities in China remain at modest levels. The failure of the Russian imports from the United States is relatively low compared to the EU-28.  

Difficult, EU exports have recovered from the setback of the Russia lock. Sales could be achieved in China and Hong Kong, but the intrinsic value of these export volumes is given relatively low export proceeds between €1.30 to €1.50 per kg. The volume market share in Japan, with more than 2.5 fold higher export prices could be claimed just over the sharp U.S. competition.

Successes Increase EU exports to South Korea with a middle value. The reason for the Korean import activities both in the United States from the EU are repeated disease problems in the own pig.

The pork import market at world level remains tightly limited and is being heavily courted by the two leading export regions. Sales revenue will therefore not lush fall if you want to stay in business.

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