US cold storage report more poultry of less pork

Increased meat supplies in the U.S. cold storage except for pork

Monthly inventory determination of the American Department of agriculture (USDA) on meat stocks in the U.S. cold storage provided in the average of all quantities of meat an increase of approximately 2% compared with the previous year. Compared to the 5-year average 7.5% have been identified but more meat.

The inventories of each meat category are however different.  The highest inventory increases were detected in chickens with 11% on the previous year and 22.5% for the 5-year average . The slump in sales due to the poultry virus that has prompted a number of importing countries to cancel the imports from the United States are this development.

Similar observations apply to Turkey but to a much lower extent by only 5%.

Beef and veal stocks have become the previous year only unwesentlich decreases, but in the meantime there are 5.1% higher than the average 5 year levels. Rebuilding the U.S. beef herd is increasingly noticeable. Still, the development aims to improve later.

Low pork supplies, which are about 8% below last year's level are amazing in the face of increased production. The 5 annual average is kept low through times of PEDV epidemic, so an appropriate comparison is something out of the ordinary.  The low pork stock is strong demand combined to bring. High beef prices have prompted consumers to switch to more on the other red meat. Saturation limits are visible in the poultry meat sector.

On the exchanges , the cold storage report has caused only a few changes. One waiting anxiously on the new livestock census results on March 26, 2016, which give more information about it, which offer development is expected in the coming months.

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