U.S. herds lower than expected

U.S. pig count as of June 1, 2014 with surprises

That the US herds in the face of PEDv plague would be lower, so that everyone had expected. But the height and structural composition of the Census result made for attention and some confusion.

The figures collected by the USDA were 1 to 2 percent below expectations. The US pig was so low since 2007 no longer.

Especially the number of piglets less than 22.6 kg unusually deep plummet to 94% of the previous year level. This group represents the hogs of the month October. the Group of stocks from 22.6 to 54 kg was 2% less than expected. Previously, it was assumed that the culmination of the onset of disease be overcome until Oct. 2014. There will be repair needs in the market prices.

Counts and expectations about the scales at 96% of the population compared to the previous year was held at the higher weight groups.

The number of breeding sows remained lower than the previous estimates. Had expected higher breeding stocks by 2.2%. The result of the count to the 1st 06th 2014 remained under the breeding sow inventory of the previous time. It had expected an increase of sows.

The numbers of Abferkelungen from March to August reached less than last year's figures. The expectations were higher by 2% to 3%.

That means Abferkelungen of Sept to November 2014 are again well above last year's levels and expectations. It is sometimes only declarations of intent.

Given the high pig and piglet prices at the same time falling feed costs might have been expected inventory increases in the sows. However, the disease train revenue losses and additional costs caused. The prospect of a rapid change of the general health status are limited optimistic. What happens if the infections in cold weather again?

The uncertainties that has opened the U.S. livestock census results, in the coming weeks and months should provide high prices on the stock exchanges may be longer lasting than so far has come in the quotes to the expression.

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