US Kühlhaus report record meat supplies

US cold storage report: meat stocks at a record

The monthly collection of meat supplies in the American cold storage supplied dated Jan. 31, 2016 the highest stock of meat reserves since the founding of the cold storage report.  The amount includes approximately 1 million tonnes of meat from the beef, pork and poultry.  Compared to the 5-year average the amount is higher by almost 11%.  Compared to the month of Dec. 2015 the stock 5% has increased.

On the one hand, a result of growing livestock on the other hand, the high inventory increases are also a consequence of the braked meat export. Here, the strong dollar plays an important role. In the poultry sector, sales volumes due to the bird flu causes problems because a number of importing countries waived US goods.

 The total stock of meat is divided almost to the half in so-called red meat from the beef and pork and white meat from the poultry industry.

Pork with a 17% increase recorded the largest increases of stocks within a month period. The high volume of meat is to place in the winter time limited in the domestic market. But exports also makes currently to create, especially as the United States increasingly from the Chinese sales area from the EU is displaced.

Soothes the development in the beef and veal sector, whose Bestände have increased only slightly, however, has.  The sustained supply deficit of the United States has still not overcome.  But the average U.S. beef prices discourage consumers to consume in increasing measure.

0.33 million tonnes of chicken meat is the largest single quantity of supplies. The stock is decreased to 4% last month, is still 13% over 5-years average.

However, Turkey meat is becoming a problem. Within one month, the stocks to 44% have risen. The Christmas period is a seasonal sales problem for this type of meat. Therefore, doubling the storage of whole carcasses is understandable.

Usually, a build-up of stocks of meat begins in the first months of the year to meet the demand in the subsequent barbecue season. This year it begins but at a very high level, but the question is, whether these amounts can be deposed in the summer without price losses.

From the point of view of the EU you must pay high attention to the developments in the United States, because they are the biggest competitors in the pork sector.  On the Chicago Stock Exchange pig prices traded largely unchanged for delivery in the May 16 to €1.53 / kg.  Recorded for the months of June and July 2016 are €1.59 / kg . Afterwards we systematically downhill. For the Dec. 16-date the price is only € 1.25 / kg.  Whether the typical summer price spike can be realized this year, must turn out yet.

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