US meat holdings come out 2014 from the valley floor

US meat inventories at their lowest level for years

The U.S. Department of agriculture (USDA) collects monthly meat stocks of beef, pork, chicken and turkeys in the cold. Approximately 0.9 million tonnes have been identified with date of September 1, 2014. While still an average inventory in the Mehrjahresmittel was determined in the two initial months, the stocks from March 14 to including July fell 14 below the mark of 0.9 million tonnes.  In previous years the stock level increased at that time regularly.

One reason for the strong slump of the usual meat stocks is once in the tight supply of beef, which must be supplemented by expensive imports for years due to the low stocks of meat cattle.

A second reason is the PEDv epidemic, which cost an estimated 15% of piglets in the first spring months the lives. 5 months later lacked the appropriate number of fattening pigs. However, part of the decline was intercepted by carcass weight increases. The poultry meat industry increased its production by 2-3%, but that was not enough, the bug needs at the sog betting to make "red meat". The remaining error need was met in the consumption strong barbecue season by reducing supplies.

2013 was compared in the Apri/may 2014 rd.-20% less meat stocks determined. The youngest stand from September 2014 is still lower than in the previous year - 9.6%. High meat prices for all types of meat are the result of this tight supply situations both on farm such as consumer level. It is remarkable that consumers themselves have shown little price-sensitive. Consumption has fallen only slightly.

Usually, the meat stocks in the US cold at the end of the year go back significantly. After the PEDv plague only on one-third of its maximum level could be pressed, are expected any time soon again with a normalization on a Mehrjahresmittel. However is not assumed a strong structure, because the beef production always have not reached the initial level and continues producing pork with a projected increase of 5% in 2015 just to previous values.

An improved supply situation is projected for the year 2015 . However, more than average values are not predicted. The forward rate on the stock exchanges indicate there is already more relaxed price level as it prevailed in the current year of 2014.

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