US number of pigs in December 2015 to 1% to the previous year increased

US pork production was by 2015 7.5% higher than in the previous year

68.4 million pigs have been counted as of the date of Dec. 1, 2015 in the United States. This is the highest number since 1988. To the previous year, an increase of 1%; calculated in comparison to the Sept. 15 inventory, there is only an insignificant increase.

In Germany were on Nov. 3. 2015 approximately 27.5 million pigs a total and nearly 2 million sows.

The US sow inventory amounts to 6 million animals, also 1% higher than in the previous year. The piglet performance of sows increased again rapidly.  After the disastrous slump in the years 2013/14 by the fatal diarrhea disease in piglets (PEDv) the disease of less has spread - despite further existing disease cases - strongly about the United States. The development of performance again continues the trend of previous years.

The U.S. pork production 2015 is considered up 7.5% compared to the previous year. For all 2016 is expected to a skimpy 1% increase.

In the I. quarter-year 2016 still an above-average increase is calculated from the inventory development, but only a very low rate of growth is expected for the remainder of the year.  The typical seasonal offer history is retained: below-average production in the II and III quarter and high quantities in the latter part of the year. The battle weights be regularly lower in the warmer season.

For the year 2017 , market experts guessed again higher production amounts of U.S. pork according to first preliminary calculations.  Increasing numbers of sows, piglet productivity and still high battle weights are essential pillars of this development.

Future expectations on US pork prices can be read on the forward rates for the Chicago Stock Exchange.  Starting from the current low prices in the Dec. 15 with €1,10 / kg. (Euro rate: $1.10) €1.20 / kg are expected between Feb and April. To the barbecue season from May to August 2015 recorded the highest rates of €1.53 / kg. However, the average is below. For the rest of the year 2016, the prices fall back to 1.28 EUR / kg.

Low pork prices in the United States mean a strong competition for the local price level. Exchange rate fluctuations can affect the prices again again.  The United States and the EU are the two largest exporters on the world market with a share of the market by about two thirds, where the EU currently just ahead of the United States ranks.

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