U.S. pig: high profits even 2015

US pig farmers expect even 2015 with high business profits

The pig was in 2014 in the United States is one of the best years that has ever existed. Roughly extrapolating per Porker win entrepreneurs over the full costs of approximately $50 per animal. This will more than offset the losses in previous years.  Also for the year 2015 be entrepreneur profits by around $30 per pig forecast.

What's behind the phase of extraordinary efficiency in the United States?

It may not be the Russian import lock. The United States had been largely locked out anyway due to their use of the Wachstumsfördere Ractopamine by the Russia imports. Essentially, there are causes that lie in the United States itself.

(1) first of all, it is pointing to the decline in beef production . It has led to a reduction in meat cattle in the previous persistent droughts in the southern breeding areas, so that now the next generation is missing. But also the feed costs in the feedlots have massively contributed to reduction in beef production. Over €5 per kg are beef price in the United States.

(2) in the Schweinesektor the PEDv plague, a deadly diarrhoea disease in piglets, are rampant since the spring of 2013. Significantly reduced volume of battle has resulted in 6 months later a loss in the order of 15%. Countermeasures in the form of rd 5 kg of higher Mastendgewichte have can not solve the scarce availability of pork. The largest deficit 2014 in the barbecue season. Pork prices were phased in over €2 per kg.

(3) the poultry meat production shows growth rates though, but were limited. The insulation system from hatching to slaughter production allows slow co-ordinated measures.

(4) demand from abroad the largest pork exporter on the world level remained with the support of Russian import shift to Brazil at a high level.

(5) the domestic consumption remained unchanged despite higher consumer prices.

(6) in recent times, the feed costs have helped to maintain profitability despite a slight pig price drop.

According to the preliminary estimates, one assumes that continues the meat shortage in a typical winter weakened form. PEDv plague could in the cold season Jan/Feb.-2015 even again more occur so that limitations of the herds in the coming year will be. Significant relief from the beef and poultry meat side not expected so quickly.

Conclusion despite moderate pig prices but significantly low feed costs the US pig farmers rake by 2015 with a year of above-average gains.

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