US pig numbers little changed

US pigs on March 1, 2016 unchanged to the previous year.

The entire U.S. pig was to the date 1 March-16 to nearly 67 million. Found animals. Compared to the previous year's balance sheet date resulted in virtually no change, but the previous counting less animals were held on Dec. 1, 2015 1%. Usually the results of March are always slightly as the December numbers.

In any case a development is emerging, which is no longer so strongly characterized by the PEDv epidemic in the year 2014 and the subsequent backlash. Rather, it is assumed that there will be an orientation along the long-term trend line. The current prices still somewhat attenuate the further progress of U.S. pork production.

The numbers of the marketable pigs is indeed slightly higher than in the previous year, down count by around 1% but also to the dez-.

The number of breeding pigs is determined with just under 6 million tonnes animals . Thus, the breeding stock goes back again somewhat clearer.  The number of Abferkelungen should fall by around 1% behind the previous year in the spring, 3% are already expected for the summer months.

In connection with diminishing piglet services can be expected for the rest of the year 2016 with clearly decreasing numbers of battle . However, the forecasts with a degree of uncertainty are flawed; will be essential, the pork price in relation will develop into the feed prices.  

On the Chicago Stock Exchange , the April prices for U.S. hogs move largely unchanged at around € 1.40 / kg. For the next barbecue months of June and July 2016 , the prices rise to €1.60 / kg. With the month of Oct 2016, but again only nearly €1.40 / kg are expected and to go back even further in the Dec. 16.

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