U.S. pork exports in trouble

US pork exports dropped in the Jan 15 to 20% over previous year.

The leading world-level U.S. export economy finds it difficult with their pork exports in recent years. The monthly deliveries abroad have fallen from average amounts amounting to 160,000 t ship cargo to 140,000 tonnes. In the last 3 months, a dramatic decline in almost 120,000 tons has been again increasing.

The latest development is to a certain extent due to the strike similar delays the loading on the Western US ports . Before vergammelte the goods in containers, she was taken back from the container stations and sold domestically at dumping prices. The export transactions were appropriately restrained.

However, the shipping charge problem in the Western ports has been only a temporary and manageable problem. PEDv-related high US domestic prices, which considerably increased the export goods compared to the competition were decisive factors for the sluggish sales in the previous months of the year 2014. Aggravated came the strong dollar rate towhich not reduced the export problem even in falling U.S. pork prices in the autumn of 2014.

The highest losses in the US export in China/Hong Kong detected. That accounted for about half of the total losses. About one-third of lower exports was accounted for by Japan. Only South Korea's imports + 10% improved on the US export account more pork.

The competition comes to a not insignificant part of the EU. The excess as a result of the Russia lock levels in Europe were shipped off with considerable growth rates after Japan, South Korea, Philippines and China/Hong Kong. Despite higher transport costs, the EU offers as a result of the low cost prices and the weaker euro exchange rate increasing in these areas had become competitive.

The expected high U.S. pork supply as a result of increased sows and herds, as well as continuing slaughter weights increasing US requires exports. Domestic consumption has created something to while, however, may be overwhelmed in the face of the increase in supply. The high dollar exchange rate, however, remains an inhibitory factor not to seethe over.

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