U.S. pork production 2015 grows

USDA forecast: significantly increases in U.S. pork market 2015

After 2 years stagnation and decline in the year 2014, the U.S. pork production in the coming year 2015 again 5% strong increase should be.

On the one hand, weak developments of the past few years were caused by adverse economic developments due to high feed costs with limited outlets to pork in the country and abroad. The production decline in the year 2014 is clearly attributable to the PEDv plague .

However the economic result of 2014 for the US pig producers is still never liked so much out. Due to the high prices were profits of more than $50 per pig scores. Meat prices in the United States experience unusual dominance in the last two years, because in addition to the scarce pig beef offering just falls out.  The recent decline in feed prices has improved the economic situation of meat production and supplies the decisive impulse to the production expansion.

PEDv plague is still virulent in the United States, but it is believed to be able to contain the problem by more hygiene care and first drugs. However the litmus test in the cold winter time is yet to be.

The domestic consumption has given a little in the years 2014 due to the high prices, but in the future less high consumer prices a considerable increase will be back. The competition to expensive beef will help with.

The United States also depend on the Russian import lock affected, but as a result of the dispute with Russia the use of the growth promoter of Ractopamine meat exports were been driven back already largely in advance. The Russian search to replacement deliveries in South America (Brazil, Chile) opened the United States new export opportunities. With again decline in pork prices, the competitiveness of American meat in Asian markets is again cheaper.

The prospects of the EU on third-country markets are rather less misjudged by the expansion in the United States. Extent to which the euro plays a permanently enabling role in the export, remains open for the time being.

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