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  • Ölsaaten

    Oilseed News, October 9th, 2020

    2020, October 9 - 12:37
    At the Matif, the rape courses only occasionally followed the specifications from the soy complex. Canola in Winnipeg lost yesterday's trade, with the strong Can dollar in particular weighing on...
  • Kartoffeln

    Potatoes News, October 9th, 2020

    2020, October 9 - 16:38

    In many regions of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, due to the rainfall and the associated wetness, clearing can hardly be done. In West Germany, over 50% of the cleared tubers have so far...

  • Getreide

    Grain News, 10/09/2020

    2020, October 9 - 12:28
    In Paris, the wheat futures followed the guidelines of the US stock exchanges and posted marginal gains in the last few days. When trading yesterday, the bulls could not prevail and the wheat...
  • Milch

    Milk News, October 8th, 2020

    2020, October 8 - 11:44
    As in the previous week, the supply of raw materials continued to decline due to seasonal factors. According to the ZMB, the delivery quantities have decreased by 0.6% compared to the previous...
  • Schweine

    Pig - News from 07.10.2020

    2020, October 7 - 16:32

    Germany: Supply pressure is increasing. Prices unchanged. The slaughter numbers of the previous week remain considerably...

  • Pflanzenschutz

    Plant protection cockpit, 22.12.2019

    2019, December 22 - 13:26

    In 2019, we saw for the first time how several funds were withdrawn from the market. The hope that the sales spirit could still make a bargain at the end. was quickly gone. With the possible...

  • Kartoffeln

    Potatoes News, October 2nd, 2020

    2020, October 2 - 12:30

    The harvest in many growing regions is currently proceeding rapidly. In particular, the temperatures that have fallen in the last few days improve the storage capacity of the tubers. Nonetheless,...

  • Ölsaaten

    Oilseed News, October 2nd, 2020

    2020, October 2 - 11:13

    In Paris, the rapeseed prices held their own and closed the trading day with profits. The front month of November recorded an increase of € 4.25 / t to € 389.25 / t. With the opening of stock...

  • Getreide

    Grain News, October 2nd, 2020

    2020, October 2 - 11:19

    On the Matif, the wheat prices were initially able to follow the positive indications from the US stock exchange but had to give way during yesterday's trading. In Chicago, wheat futures rose...

  • Milch

    Milk News, October 1st, 2020

    2020, October 1 - 16:16

    Overall, the dairies had less milk available in September. As is typical of the season, the delivery quantities have decreased slightly and compared to the previous week, according to the ZMB, the...